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Karte und Statistik :: map and statistics :: mapa y estadística 18.10.22 Vortrag auf der Messe CMT Fahrrad- & WanderReisen in Stuttgart Sa. 14.01.23, 13:00Uhr Messe Stuttgart, Messepiazza 1, 70629 Stuttgart 13.03.21 „Tom Richter im Interview – mit dem Liegerad um die Welt“ Interview auf GoOutBeCrazy 13.09.18 Vortrag beim 15. Bergsichten-Festival in Dresden Samstag, 17.11.18, […]

26 Februar 2010 - Tom & Denise | deutsche Texte, english texts | 47 Kommentare :: 47 comments :: 47 comentarios

Barcelona/Spain – Berlin/Germany

Barcelona, a great city, which is worth a longer stay in any case. Many very different buildings worth seeing. Outstanding are the organic buildings of the architect Antoni Gaudi, Casa Battlo, Park Güell, Sagrada Familia, being build since 1882.

23 Mai 2009 - Tom | english texts | 5 Kommentare :: 5 comments :: 5 comentarios

Call to prayer in Marrakech/Morocco : Audio

Audio Flash: Call to prayer in Marrakech/Morocco „Allahu akbar“ – with this distinctive whoop begins the call of the Islamic believers to prayer, the Adhan, which calls the muezzin from the tower of the mosque, the minaret.

19 März 2009 - Tom | Audio, english texts | 1 Kommentar :: 1 comment :: 1 comentario

Tarifa/Spain – Tangier/Morocco

Tangier, Morocco, a gateway between Europe and Africa, which for the majority of Africans, however, is closed. Tangier has a shady reputation. Also, even if the Moroccans in the country warn of their fellow countrymen, I do have positive experiences from the beginning. That should not change until the end. I learn to know the […]

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Lisbon/Portugal – Tarifa/Spain

I’m back in Europe. Everything is so … ordered. There are rules to which one stickes to. At the same time, there are too many roads where cycling is against the rules. After summer weather in Rio, I have to rummage out clothes that I at lastly weared in Patagonia. At night the thermometer drops […]

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Ciudad del Este/Paraguay – Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

Only a small impression we get from Paraguay. After a short ride through a compared to the neighbour visibly poorer country, we are in the border city of Ciudad del Este, a commodity reloading point – electronics and photo items, contraband, counterfeit branded goods. The neighbours from Brazil and Argentina come to shop sedulously. Accordingly […]

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Colonia del Sacramento/Urugay – Ciudad del Este/Paraguay

In some countries you feel good right from the start and it´s very rare that this first impression turns out to be wrong. Uruguay is one of these friendly countries for us.

25 Januar 2009 - Tom & Maik | english texts | keine Kommentare :: no comments :: no comentarios

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