Lisbon/Portugal – Tarifa/Spain

I’m back in Europe. Everything is so … ordered. There are rules to which one stickes to. At the same time, there are too many roads where cycling is against the rules.
After summer weather in Rio, I have to rummage out clothes that I at lastly weared in Patagonia. At night the thermometer drops to 2°C and, much worse, thick, moist fog creeps into the sleeping bag. Also to European prices, I have to adjust myself. Symptomatic: 2 road cyclists on hightech carbon machines stop, and while we admire each other’s bikes, one proud tells me: ‚6000, – €!‘ – the price of his bike.

There is a small low of motivation. It is difficult, after the long, good time with Denise to continue alone. Not that I can’t manage, am homesick, not am hungry for cycling anymore, but after more than 2 years of restlessness, I look forward to the time after the trip, on a home. That I want to bring that travel to an adequate end and want to end up by bike where I started, is beyond question. Difficult for the morality is that I carried out a few additional kilometers rather to drive directly to Berlin.

Along the western and southern coast of Portugal, through the region known as a tourist destination Algarve, it goes to Spain. Many many storks have built their nests here. On some sections, each power line pole is inhabited. I leave the storks in their faith, having found a pleasant climate and continue to cycle rapidly towards the south.
Sevilla proves as a town worth seeing, replete with beautiful old buildings, especially the world’s largest gothic Cathedral of Maria de la Sede.

Suddenly stopped is my journey from the Levante, one of two winds on the southern tip of Europe, which blow throughout the year very strongly. The wind is so stormy that I can no stay on the recumbent. After 34km I quit the daily stage. Who would have await that in a flat, well paved road. I find a wind-protected place between trees, where the wind makes a hell of noise. The wind characterizes this region. He makes it one of the world-top-spots for (kite-)surfers, there are a lot of wind power stations here, and he is held responsible for for a higher suicide rate.
Fortunately, the wind eases up as far that I reach Tarifa the next day, the southernmost mainland point in Europe. To the left is the Mediterranean, to the right is the Atlantic, across only 14km away, you can see Africa. Between is the Strait of Gibraltar, which passage due to the wind and flow conditions was not easy and with the ancient boats of African refugees still is a venture today. An estimated 2000 people per year die while trying it.

After 9 days in Europe I leave again by ferry to Tangier, Morocco.


pictures to this article: Lissabon/Portugal – Tarifa/Spanien : Fotos

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