Call to prayer in Marrakech/Morocco : Audio

Audio Flash: Call to prayer in Marrakech/Morocco

„Allahu akbar“ – with this distinctive whoop begins the call of the Islamic believers to prayer, the Adhan, which calls the muezzin from the tower of the mosque, the minaret. Or it starts with a loud crack when you turn on the speakers followed by a minaret harrumphing muezzin. (Today, the muezzin no longer climbs on the minaret. The call is on speakers.) Upbeat to a special listening experience, because especially in a North African old town, the Medina, there are many mosques in a small area. From all sounds the Adhan – the same time, but not synchronized, each muezzin performs the voice singing a litle different. So it becomes a special concert that is anything but a concert in the literal sense, an interaction – 5 times a day, 7 days per week, as if the term pollution does not exist.

The following is the text.

Allahu akbar – Allah is the greatest (bigger than anything and with nothing comparable).
Aschhadu of la ilaha illa llah – I bear witness that there is no deity except Allah.
Aschhadu anna Muhammadan rasulu llah – I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.
Hayya ‚ala s-salat – Make haste towards prayer!
Hayya ‚ala al-Falah – Make haste towards welfare!
salatu khayrun as-a-min-naum – Prayer is better than sleep. (only for the morning prayer [here to hear hear is the evening prayer])
Alla-hu Akbar – Allah is the greatest.

The lines are repeated different often.
The Moroccans are predominantly Sunni. The Adhan of Shiites differs a little.


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