La Cumbre/Argentina – Colonia del Sacramento/Uruguay

Finally cycling again. 56 days, we did not cycle, the longest bicycle abstinence for maybe 17 years. Not that driving a car was not comfortable, but if you can’t push the car into the next bush to camp or you pay highway fee, you sensing need to refuel daily or you can’t continue, because anyone wants to see any forms for the car, then you are glad about the freedom that the bicycles offer.

Gone is the time in which we were ordinary and unnoticed tourists. Several times we get small food gifts, and we justify ourself to TV station – that means, Denise talks, takes the intellectual part, I do the physical part by demonstrating the recumbents in front of the camera.
In the city of Parana a newspaper interview. Although we have little time they create more than a page about our trip. Finally we are media professionals ;). A couple of always the same questions even I can answer in Spanish on a sheet before it is ask for. The reason for our shortage of time is a date with another newspaper.

It’s hot. In the morning the thermometer quickly tops the 30° degree Celsius. So we will remain loyal customers of our favourite ice cream shop, even if it is spangled with Christmas decorations – plastic fir trees for example, because real firs there does not exist here.
The Christmas season pasts us without trace. We are somewhere in the argentine pampa. There are normal cycling days. Summer mood. It goes through sunflower and maize fields, as always, the parrots noise, many guinea pigs sit beside the street, and inappropriate to the Christian festival the cicadas make a gentile noise. Christmas mood will not arise.

The closure of a bridge over the Uruguay River into the ‚Republic east of Uruguay‘ forces us to change our itinerary. We drive directly to the argentine capital Buenos Aires. The continent is crossed in west-east direction. After 3 days there on the penultimate day of the year we boat over the Rio de la Plata, the huge, brown mouth of the Uruguay and Parana rivers to Uruguay. Behind us disappears the wide skyline of one of the largest cities in South America.
The year 2009 we start in the beautiful city of Colonia del Sacramento.


translated by Denise and Tom

photos to this article: La Cumbre/Argentinien – Colonia del Sacramento/Uruguay : Fotos
press: Uno Entre Rios, Parana/Argentinien, 22.12.2008, „Los viajeros que salieron a conocer las maravillas del continente“

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