Before we proceed after 19 days without cycling, we need to extend our residence permits for Egypt in Cairo and apply for a visa for Sudan what for we need a letter of recommendation of the German Embassy. Everything together takes almost a week.
Exciting in the negative sense, is especially the visit of the Sudanese Embassy. We have everything necessary together. Completed application. Long queueing until I am in the series. At last it is my turn, my passport pictures are not accepted because they are buckled. Again come back. As it proves later, I was not submissive enough at this point – after all, we pay for the visa 100,- US$ – and the relationship between the officer and myself worses in the next few hours rapidly. With new images I go to the beginning of the row. After all the things usually work like that here. „Rear queue!“ I wait again almost 3/4 hour.
This time he does not accept my letter of recommendation. The passport number does not match with the passport – nonsense. Maik had no problems with the same ‚lack‘ and in the afternoon his visa in the passport. The guy is too arrogant and stupid, and he does not let me talk to him, sends me away, rather than listen to me. So I hit with the fist against the glass of his desk. Then I try to talk to somebody intelligent enough listen to me and who has authority to decide. The stupid thing is, the guy who I just had throw away with, is the boss. I queue a 4th times on the same desk to try to argue him out of his stupidity and to apologize. Now he doesn’t want to know anything from me, throws me out and says something in the way that I will not get a visa.
So a new letter of recommendation got. To put it mildly, to avoid diplomatic complications, the lady of the German embassy could not understand the Sudanese. Nice way there was the letter immediately without one day of waiting time and without further costs.
The next attempt in the Sudanese embassy Maik should submit my request, because the thing seems to be done for me, spots me the official affectionated to me. He understood the game and calls for me. I apologized, I listened, that I can not behave and he I confirmed that he is right.
In the afternoon we are a big step closer to proceed through the Sudan and thus the continuation of the journey by bicycle. As a result of various crises there are hardly secure overland connections through Africa. So not getting a visa would have led to a transfer around the Sudan.

Between the authorities we do some sightseeing in Cairo and consume a little culture.

The last night in Cairo we spend in the garden of the house of a friend where we had parked the bikes within visual range of the Giza pyramids.


translated by Denise and Tom

video to this article: Fußgängerüberweg in Kairo/Ägypten : Video

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