Dar es Salaam/Tanzania – Mumbai/India

For now I continue alone. Some mails were. ‚What is wrong with Maik?‘ ‚Is he a quitter?‘ A few words, like the thing is for me, without that I would like to explain Maik. Very briefly said, he has new goals. He does not capitulate, but the trip for him is successfully finished in Dar es Salaam. After all, we started, came a long way, experienced a lot, saw a lot, learned a lot. It is not that he did not enjoy every day intensively and we have not divided. Maik has everything considered carefully and he is convinced that for him it will remain the right decision.
Everything is fine. To continue would not make sense, because we do all this just for ourselves.
I can (and have) to accept this very well. It was always clear, that on a trip like that much can happen. The idea with which we started, is just an idea, and we have always punctuated this.
At my motives of this journey nothing changed. For me, this project has not yet ended. The alone continuation is not easier, but also creates new impressions and opportunities.
Yet one more time publicly thanks to Maik for a shared adventure and a good time.

Back to Dar es Salaam, where I am little motivated the last days to mount a bicycle here again to discover the area.

Finally, I have the India-visa. At the last minute before closing the offices of the airline I wrap up the flight to Mumbai (Bombay) for the next day.

On the ride to the airport inferno like rain. The roads are under water. Bad is that you can not see sometimes impressive holes in the ground. Twice disappears the front wheel in the depth. Both times at least my feet find a place, where the water is that flat that it is not running into the shoes.
This will make it again just in time. The bike also needs to be dismantled.

Finally I sit in the plane, but which then does not start for some time because the start is stopped because of the heavy rain and relocated on a different runway.
At the early morning of the 2nd of May I land in Mumbai, where Denise awaits me at the airport. Since the temporal scales change something on such a journey, I come too late to my date not a few minutes, but 6 days.

Unfortunately, the bicycle did not survive the airlift entirely. There is a deformation at the point where the frame is dismantleable. The frame parts no longer fit together. As Denise waits a long time in Mumbai, we want to leave the city as soon as possible. This problem is going to be remitted. Denise already found a sub-set for my bike. It is parked in a garage, where the prominent head of a automobile clubs puts up a fraction of his private vintage car collection. Although not very cheap, but secure, and my bike is in proper society.

For now of cycling holidays, and especially holidays with Denise.


translated by Denise and Tom

photos to this article: Dar es Salaam/Tansania – Mumbai/Indien : Fotos

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