Mendoza/Argentina – La Cumbre/Argentina

We are in Mendoza. Actually, we want to park our bikes here, to view the Aconcagua, highest mountain in America, from nearest vicinity and then travel 6 weeks without bikes toward Patagonia. Unfortunately, there now in October, before the summer season, there is no access to the Aconcagua National Park. We change our plans and continue cycling for now.
It is 760 kilometres to La Cumbre, where we have an invitation, and where we can park our bikes. Unplanned 760 kilometres, mentally attuned for a long time off cycling – long 760 kilometres. The landscape is less exciting, it is unexpected cool, and after nearly 10 weeks it rains again the first time.
The most interesting on the route are shrines to remember the legend of the in the desert died of thirst Difunta Correa, the passed away Correa. Now revered as a defender of travellers, you put offerings at the shrines. Mainly, it is water-filled bottles, and so in some places bank up estimated several cubic meters of water.
In La Cumbre we find a home for 5 days at Georges and Laura and their two children. Georges did overtake us in Peru by motorcycle on his trip from Miami, USA to La Cumbre, Argentina, where the French family lives for 1 year. Like us Georges and Laura invite other cyclists and motorcyclists (
At the beginning of our next travel section is a bus ride to Santiago de Chile. When we buy the bus tickets we get says that there is a changeover between summer and winter time like in Europe. But only about half of the 23 provinces of Argentina considers it as a sense and take part in it. The lady from the sale of tickets needs to ask by phone what the time is a few kilometres away, and also since we know not always the exact time.


photos to this article: San Pedro de Atacama/Chile – La Cumbre/Argentinien : Fotos

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