Holidays in India

So out of Mumbai. It is going to Goa on the West Coast first – vacations on the beach. But THE beach area, known out of the borders of India as well, but we find a place where there are few tourists and if so, then primarily domestic.
We continue to the hot, semi-desert state of Rajasthan, to Jodhpur, the ‚Blue City‘. A protective coating houses gives it this look.
Via the ‚Pink City‘ Jaipur, fortunately not pink, but orange, we drive to the Keoladeo National Park. Priority bird park, but we also see monkeys, turtles, lizards, large hoofed mammals and much more. However, during the current dry season there is not the maximum diversity of species.
In Agra, we visit India’s most famous monument, the Taj Mahal. Silly way annotated with the superlative, to be the most beautiful building in the world, but it is certainly worth to see.
Then we go to the north, in the mountains. We want to escape the heat and to have some rest. Within sight of the High Himalayas with the highest mountains in India, we relax a bit during the day hikes. Unfortunately, there is no time left over for multiple day treks, which would have offered here wonderfully.

First India is huge. Some nights we spent on the train – a very inexpensive way to travel here. Although we mainly limit on the north west of the country, back to Mumbai we made about 5500km by rail and road.
India at this time of year in large parts is super hot. We have up to 42°C. At night in the hotel room underneath the fan sometimes the thermometer not decreases below 36°C. The comparison with a sauna is absolutely no exaggerated. When a wind blows, it can be so hot that it feels even more unpleasant. You can get used to it that 30°C are quite pleasant.
India is a country full of contrasts, culture, garbage, versatile, colourful, an experience for all the senses, not infrequently, the sense of smell too. There are western standards and compared to this people living in unimaginable conditions in the dirt. Various religions dominate everyday life and appearance. India is chaos and beautiful. India is exciting, as long you don’t lose your nerve because of some conditions. I think I will experience a lot on the bike and look forward to it.

After 25 days, my time shared with Denise ends in New Delhi. Perhaps up to 7 months.
After nearly 24-hour train journey, I am back in Mumbai, back to my recumbent, back without Denise.


translated by Denise and Tom

photos to this article: Urlaub in Indien : Fotos
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video to this article: Spaziergang durch Agra/Indien : Video

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