Antalya/Turkey – Kirikhan/Turkey

There they are, some new pictures and a few lines for you. Thank you for the comments! Well, I still did not write another post about the days from Bergama to Antalya for our english speaking visitors – but Elisa posted a spanish translation of Thomas german article as a comment. Gracias! ;)

I just want to add one more thought, I had, while cycling along the more remote southern cost of Turkey. The melon man and us, what we share: He offers his melons every day along the road outside of Kirkagac, his hometown and we have our daily kilometers. He seems to be free of worries, pessimistic thoughts and questionable desires. He seemed to be a happy, satisfied man.

We decided to lead a simple life as travellers on a bicycle tour, to meet the people who live in all these different countries of this planet, in their different worlds. And we are happy and satisfied with what we are doing! We feel a kind of freedom, independence everyday. We got everything we need with us, in our 4 bags, in our memory, in our heart!

o.k. so far – now back to today – Wednesday. We are about to leave Turkey today or tomorrow and cross the border to Syria! That’s exiting – no question! ;) Our days along the cost were not very rich of special events but also not only hard work. Thomas felt not very well 2 days after we left Antalya. We had to slow down and rest. Then, after some good days again digestion problems. So, after a hard uphill morning, when we left the cost of the Medeterranian sea to the East, we looked for a place to rest again and found help here in Kirikhan. We were standing on the busy main street, when a well dressed woman approached me and asked me, what we are doing here in this small town far away from touristic attractions. On my question for a simple accomodation, she said that there are no hotels here, but asked a man on a motorcycle, who then lead us to a teachers hostel. He is a teacher himself and could speak a few words in english. It was a clean and friendly hostel, where Thomas found the rest he needed. After some cups of camomille tea and some oatmeal porridge he is feeling better today! On these days it becomes clear again, how important it is to be healthy and to keep a good relationship with your body, to ask for such a performance, mentally and physically. Nothing is for granted! Plans change and have to be adjusted, everyday. A good health is most important for a continuation of this tour!

Well, so we will write again from Syria! Hope you enjoy some of the new picts. (Our route was Antalya-Alanya-Anamur-Mersin-Adana-Iskenderun-Kirikhan) We wish you all some sunny days till christmas!


pictures to this article: Antalya/Türkei – Kirikhan/Türkei : Fotos

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3 Responses to “Antalya/Turkey – Kirikhan/Turkey”

  1. 1 Frank 6 Dezember 2006 @ 22:16

    Salut ihr beiden,

    der Zeitungsartikel ist ja klasse!
    Ich habe einen türkischen Arbeitskollegen, der aber nur türk.-franz. spricht. Werde mich bemühen, mit ihm den Artikel zu übersetzen bis wir uns in Egypt treffen. :-)
    Gute, gesunde Weiterfahrt euch.
    Liebe Grüsse aus CH.

  2. 2 Simon 8 Dezember 2006 @ 11:44

    What can i say except WOW!
    How do you keep your cycle computer working?? Both of mine broke in about 2 weeks, now it just tells me the time!!
    I’ve been following your progress (well, the english bits anyway)and showing off your pictures to all around me in PRP. There are so many amazing pictures, places and people…. and a crab!
    Obviously all who know you wish you well (Angeli, Spyros, Anna….. and on and on).
    I’m off on holiday soon so I’ll take this opportunity to wish you both the best Xmas and New Year.


  3. 3 Björn 10 Dezember 2006 @ 11:51

    Hi Maik,

    @“We decided to lead a simple life“ I think satisfaction starts in your thoughs and your mind. The men who sells the melones everyday is sure quiet in our eyes a „poor“ guy. But he is satisfied and enjoys his life. Isn’t it one of the aims of everybody? To enjoy life? That’s one of the causes i’d like to travel. Just to broadens your mind and to get different points of view about life.

    Thanks for the written lines..

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