Thessaloniki/Greece – Bergama/Turkey

So, we are in Bergama/Turkey/Asia now and are having a little break today, before passing some more mountaineous roads again on our way to Antalya on the South Coast of Turkey and further to Syrıa. We are happy and healthy and the weather gods and godesses are still providing best touring conditions, as you can see on the new pictures.

The two wonderful and relaxing days with Mary and her friends and family also gave us new energy and motivation for the next stages. On Monday midday we left Thessaloniki and spent 4 more days and nights in Greece. Friday morning we crossed the border to Turkey, spent there our last night in good old Europe, before taking the ferry boat across the Dardanelles, which mark the border to Asia. Since then we cycled another 2.5 days and about 230 km to here.

And again, I am sure I am telling you nothing new, the most impressing moments are the ones when you meet friendly, welcoming people along the way, often very spontaneously and of course the curiosity about how the people live here, their villages, towns and cities, not to forget the scenery, the cycling hours before sunset, exchanging thoughts and impressions with Tom…

Before I switch to chat a little with Elisa in Bogota ;) Here some of these moments I mentioned above with a bit more ‚colour‘ in a loose summary – one evening, when we asked in a greek bakery for water we got a kilo of extra sweet cookies (hmm) – then, one morning we had to stop (again) for a police control – they simply were interested in our bikes and our plans and wanted a picture – then a wonderful empty road, still very new until we realized, that they are still working on it ( a alternative road along the cars-only EGNATIA hıghway) – the afternoon when we arrived in Alexandropolis and a young man just invited us to a happy fısh and cipuro (hot stuff – a bit lıke ouzo) meal in a little kiosk-like shelter on the street – the farmer, who wanted to start working on exactly this part of the field, where we just wrapped ourselves in the sleeping bags (2-3 hours after sunset) – the friendly sheperd – the turkish man, who ordered tea for us across the street – the little young boy, who, with a big smile, brought us 2 cups and lemonade, while we had our breakfast – the young man, who claimed to be (and surely was) an english teacher and whom I asked for a little turkish lesson instead – well and last but not least our invitation for a 2nd breakfast this morning after a ‚medium-hot‘ shower on a roof terrace of the ‚Berlin Pension‘ here in Bergamo!

So now it is about time… hope to see you all back in a week or two…


pictures to this article: Thessaloniki/Griechenland – Bergama/Türkei : Fotos

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2 Responses to “Thessaloniki/Greece – Bergama/Turkey”

  1. 1 Nadine und Oliver 22 November 2006 @ 22:25

    Bei der netten mädchengruppe handelt es sich doch hoffentlich nicht um eine Selbsthilfegruppe, ihr zwei spargel stürzt die damen noch ins unglück.

  2. 2 Stefan 24 November 2006 @ 9:22

    Ihr seid wohl immer von den Menschen (meist Frauen und Kinder) umringt?! Dann scheint die Reise ein Erfolg zu werden! Muß sich nun die die Fangemeinde mit dem Verlassen von Old Europe auch ausschließlich an die englische Sprache gewöhnen? Oder bereitet Tom seine Texte längerfristig vor? Wie dem auch sei, einen schönen langen Reisebericht hat Maik hier vorgelegt!! Weiter so! Lernt ihr eigentlich auf euren Durchfahrten auch Vorkabeln, die ihr euch merkt?
    Ansonsten alles wohl in Tom`s alter Fabrik „PEAK“. Weihnachtsfeier wird in diesem Jahr in Danilos Garten mit Übernachtung stattfinden, nachdem an den Adventssonnabenden bis 20.00 Uhr offen ist. Da können wir vielleicht mal nachvollziehen wie ihr so die kalten Nächte durchlebt habt ;)


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